DeFi + Social Media

Tipestry is the world’s first universal comment section and crypto farming platform. Tipcoin is the native currency and staking token of Tipestry.

A New Kind of Social Media Platform

Tipestry automatically adds a comment section with built-in cryptocurrency tipping to any website, letting users leave comments anywhere on the web and farm Bitcoin, Ether, Dogecoin, Tipcoin, and other tokens with their posts.

Our mission is to make social media fairer, less centralized, more respectful of users’ privacy, and to give people around the world the opportunity to farm cryptocurrency by creating and sharing content. Ways to use Tipestry include:

  • Promote and monetize your content.
  • Leave comments on any site, including ones that have had their comments sections shut down or censored.
  • Find out if a site is a scam or fake news.
  • Connect with people surfing the same pages.
  • Interact with and get feedback from your own site’s users.
  • Discover trending and curated content.


The current generation of social media is causing increasing harm to individual users and to society in general: fake news, clickbait, biased moderation, polarization, addiction, and, most of all, a business model that uses psychological manipulation and data harvesting to maximize profits.

The first step in solving the problem is finding a replacement for the data harvesting business model. A cryptocurrency-based micropayment and tipping layer available on all websites offers a new way for content creators and hosts to monetize their work instead of relying on user tracking. This model is also fairer since revenue goes to individual creators instead of only large platforms. Additionally, a universal commenting layer serves as a crowd-sourced measure of whether a particular piece of content is trustworthy.

Tipcoin Tokenomics.

Tipcoins are the native cryptocurrency of Tipestry.


January 2017
Tipestry.com enters alpha testing with Bitcoin and Dogecoin tipping.
June 2017
Tipestry Go Augmented Reality app enters beta testing.
March 2018
Ethereum and ERC-20 tipping added to Tipestry.com
June 2018
Cryptocurrency treasure hunts added to Tipestry Go.
September 2019
Tipestry Browser addon enters beta testing on Google’s Chrome store.
August 2020
Tipestry.com officially launches. Omni coins added to Tipestry.com.
September 2020
Tipcoin functionality added to Tipestry.com.
October 2020
Tipcoin token sale begins.
Tipestry mobile app launch.
Tipestry Go launch.
Tipestry Browser Addon launch.

Distribution of Tipcoins

Tipcoins are ERC-20 utility tokens that serve as a unit of account for paid services offered on the Tipestry platform.
  • 10% IEO

  • 30% Operations

  • 30% Community

  • 10% Team

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